Florida Dog Events

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About Florida Dog Events:

We decided to put this website together after several conversations with people who had been unaware of upcoming events and who expressed a wish to have a better idea of what events were coming up in all venues instead of having to check multiple sources and risk missing something they would have wanted to participate in. We also realized that people planning shows and trials were often unaware of what conflicts might occur on any given weekend.

This current version is a very basic website to help gauge interest and to get an idea of how best to accomplish our goal of presenting the information as clearly and easily referenced as possible. It is a huge undertaking and we intend on keeping it as updated as possible. Our goal is to upgrade to a more flexible, cross-platform and interactive version within the next year but that will require funds to be raised and any donations will be used for that purpose along with helping to offset the maintenance costs of this existing site. We are happy to hear any ideas and suggestions and answer any questions about our future plans.

We make every effort to present information as timely and as accurately as possible but cannot take responsibility for incorrect information. If you see anything that needs correction please do let us know, we will deeply appreciate any and all help in that regard.